MAS & Co.

MAS & Co. offers a wide range of international services to clients operating globally or seeking to expand their business internationally. We understand the complexities of cross-border transactions and the challenges of navigating through different legal and regulatory frameworks. Our team of experienced professionals is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique international business needs.

Our international services include:

  1. International Taxation: We provide advice on cross-border tax issues, including double taxation treaties, transfer pricing, and withholding taxes. Our team of experts helps clients optimize their tax position and minimize their tax liabilities in different jurisdictions.

  2. Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: Our team has extensive experience in advising clients on cross-border mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring transactions. We help clients navigate the legal, tax, and regulatory requirements of different jurisdictions, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

  3. Global Business Advisory: We provide global business advisory services, including market entry strategies, international expansion planning, and feasibility studies. Our team helps clients identify and evaluate business opportunities in different markets, providing a solid foundation for successful expansion.

  4. International Audit and Assurance: We provide audit and assurance services to clients operating internationally, ensuring compliance with international accounting and reporting standards. Our team helps clients maintain transparency and accountability, enhancing their reputation and credibility in the international market.

  5. International Accounting and Bookkeeping: We provide international accounting and bookkeeping services to clients, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting in compliance with international accounting standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles “GAAPs”. Our team helps clients streamline their financial reporting process, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

At MAS & Co., we are committed to delivering high-quality international services to our clients, ensuring they receive the best possible advice and support for their international business needs.