MAS & Co.

Syed Hamid Ali

 Syed Hamid Ali is an experienced Senior Manager in the field of Taxation, Audit, and Corporate Affairs. He has retired from a reputable tax and audit consulting company, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role at MAS & Co. As Senior Manager Taxation, he is responsible for overseeing the tax unit and ensuring that clients receive high-quality tax, audit, and corporate affairs services.

Mr. Ali has extensive hands-on experience in controlling overall taxation, including sales tax, provisional tax, company registration, and preparing and e-filing tax returns, statements, sales tax returns, provisional tax returns, refunds claim, and compliance with notices. He is well-versed in the various regulations and requirements related to taxation and corporate affairs, and is able to provide expert guidance to clients in these areas.

Mr. Ali has a proven track record of successfully managing complex tax and audit assignments for a diverse range of clients. He is committed to providing personalised and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. His dedication to providing exceptional service has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and valued team member at MAS & Co.

Overall, Mr. Ali’s extensive experience and expertise in taxation, audit, and corporate affairs make him a valuable asset to the MAS & Co team. His commitment to providing high-quality service and personalised solutions ensure that clients receive the best possible outcomes for their business needs.